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Circleville Law Director Employee Breaks Silence on Social Media Influences and Lack of Information


In a heartfelt address to the community, Wanda Gay, a dedicated employee of the Circleville law director’s office, shared insights into the office’s daily operations and its commitment to serving Pickaway County. Gay, who has spent the last five years at the office, highlighted the recent months working under the leadership of Kendra Kenny, emphasizing their tireless efforts to uphold the law and ensure the city’s well-being.

Addressing the audience, Gay clarified her intention was not to make political statements or cast aspersions but to offer a transparent glimpse into the responsibilities of the law director’s office. She underscored the office’s broad jurisdiction, handling prosecutions for all misdemeanors in Pickaway County, not just within Circleville city limits.

Gay provided a snapshot of the office’s workload, revealing staggering numbers of cases opened and closed, numerous victim meetings, and the issuance of subpoenas.

“So far this year, we’ve opened up 525 cases and close 364 cases. We’ve taken countless calls and emails for officer opinions while they’re on the scene. We’ve made contact and had meetings with several victims. We’ve sent over 255, subpoenas. And oh yeah, we started a brand new office. And that’s just what I do on the criminal side. On the civil side, it’s been kind of a crazy month, we’ve had to prepare and pass about 21 ordinance since the beginning of the year, we have 12 that are in some form of completion and working on and doing some research. And also since the beginning of March 2024, we have answered upwards of 73 public records request as a part of those records requests both as civil. That’s Jen and myself have been tirelessly working on redacting and complying to the request within the parameters of the law. We have printed, reviewed and redacted over 20,000 pieces of paper,” said Gay.

She also shed light on the civil side of operations, detailing the preparation and passage of ordinances, as well as the meticulous handling of public records requests, a task that involved reviewing and redacting over 20,000 pieces of paper since March.

Highlighting Kendra C. Kinney, City Law Director exemplary leadership, Gay emphasized her dedication to thorough research and sound legal advice, despite her part-time status. Gay lauded Kenny’s commitment to protecting the city while navigating complex legal landscapes.

Reflecting on challenges posed by societal expectations and the influence of social media, Gay emphasized the importance of due process and thorough investigation, urging patience and understanding in the pursuit of justice. She defended the integrity of the law director’s office against unfounded accusations, asserting Kenny’s steadfast commitment to upholding the law with honor and integrity.

In conclusion, Gay reminded the community of its rights and responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of informed discourse and adherence to legal principles. She called for unity and mutual respect, urging individuals to exercise their rights judiciously while trusting in the legal process in a statement.

“We have the rights in this country. We have the right to speak in front of Council. We have the right to be elected into different positions. We have the right to free speech, but we also have the right to remain silent. And unfortunately that’s a problem for some people want to say.”