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Circleville Incident Involving Firearm and Knife Results in Arrest


Circleville, OH – On the evening of June 12, 2024, Circleville Police responded to a distress call involving a potential firearm incident at 702 S. Court Street. Officers were dispatched at 7:03 PM after reports indicated a male suspect, later identified as Tylor Greeno, allegedly fired a handgun into the air and threatened individuals with a knife.

Upon arrival, officers encountered a group who claimed Greeno had pointed a gun at them, fired a shot into the air, and threatened them with a knife. Officers, promptly engaged with the individuals involved and initiated an arrest of the suspect.

The Incident

Initial reports revealed that Greeno was sitting in his vehicle when approached by two people. An altercation ensued, during which Greeno allegedly brandished a knife and made threats. Witnesses corroborated these events, noting the aggressive behavior of both parties.

Further investigation by Officers led to conflicting accounts, with a witness claiming Greeno had fired shots and hidden the firearm in nearby bushes. Despite a thorough search, no weapon was recovered at the scene.

Arrest and Resistance

When officers attempted to arrest Greeno, he resisted and fled towards the train tracks. Officers managed to detain Greeno using a physical takedown. Greeno continued to resist but was eventually restrained and handcuffed.

Injuries and Medical Response

During the arrest, both Greeno and Officer Martin sustained minor injuries. Circleville EMS was dispatched to the scene to evaluate Greeno, who declined hospital transport. One Officer sought medical attention for injuries incurred during the struggle.

Charges and Further Actions

Greeno was charged with aggravated menacing, obstructing official business, and resisting arrest. He was transported to Pickaway County Jail without further incident.

Investigation Continues

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing. Authorities continue to gather statements and review evidence, including social media interactions that suggest prior conflicts between the involved parties. Additional charges against others involved may follow based on the investigation’s findings.

For more updates on this case, follow Circleville Police Department’s official channels.