Home News Circleville GE Building Officially Up for Sale to Prospective Buyers

Circleville GE Building Officially Up for Sale to Prospective Buyers


CIRCLEVILLE – The GE building is offically up for sale and it already has some people intrested said P3 Director Tim Colburn this week at Circleville Council Meeting

GE had mothballed the location for several years after the closing in 2017, recently through a cleanup grant the company moved to create a clean site for possible new owners in the future at its 559 East Ohio Street location, the process partially demoed a few buildings leaving a large warehouse space for new ownership

According to the listing the newly refeshed site which was built in 1948 has a total of 273,680 square feet.

In Council Chambers this week, P3 Director Tim Colburn said that since it went up for sale they have had a few people intrested in the property, but would not show the property until it was ready. Currently he said that they have two intrested buyers, but concerns over the max ceiling height of 21 feet had a few prospects not so intrested. During the meeting he suggested to Council that they may want to get creative with the property and possibly incentivie the property

“This ceiling height may not be a big deal if a company had a little incentive to come,” said Colburn, “they could invest in another area and create that taller space. A company making a decision may need a bit incentive to do that. I think the city is in position to do that.”