Home News Ashville Police Donate Thanksgiving to Local Families

Ashville Police Donate Thanksgiving to Local Families


Ashville – Police took to the streets today to give back to the community that they serve.

According to Chief George of the Ashville Police Department, a fun fundraiser the officers do every year is pay to sport a beard during the season, each officer throws in 100 dollars a year and that money is then tossed into a local charity to give back.

This morning several officers went to Bob Evans to purchase Thanksgiving dinner for two large families in the Ashville area that may not have had such a large spread for the holiday. Then they delivered it in the cruisers just to add to the seasonal joy.

Chief George said that the Ashville families were identified through local sources, and is asking if anyone knows of families that are in need for Christmas There is money left over they would like to spread through the rest of the season, to contact the local mayor’s office or police department.

So make sure when you see the local Ashville officers, let them know you appreciate their beards.