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Circleville Fire Chief Aims for Million Dollar Grant to Replace Aging 25 Year Old Ladder Truck


CIRCLEVILLE – During Tuesday’s council meeting Circleville City council approved unanimously for the Circleville Fire Department to move forward with a grant to replace their 25-year-old ladder truck.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program is designed to enhance the health and safety of public and firefighting personnel and to provide support for emergency responders regarding fire, medical, and all-hazard events.

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In the past several Pickaway county fire departments have utilized these grants through Mickey Smith of Ohio First Responder Grants, LLC and successfully replaced several million dollars worth of aging equipment for low to no cost to taxpayers.

Recently Pickaway Township fire department was successful in acquiring one of these grants for a million-dollar ladder truck that was 45 years old. These grants do come with a city buy-in cost of 5% match portion from the city and the remaining 95% will be paid by the grant.

For example, the new ladder truck Pickaway Township is receiving will cost the Township $44,309.52, leaving the grant to pay $886,190.48.

Another stipulation of the grant requires the aging equipment to be decommissioned and no to be used in the United States for fire service. Chief Thompson explains that the equipment will most likely be shipped out of the country for use. Listen as Chief Thompson explains the process.