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Circleville Fast Freeze Reopening After New Ownership


CIRCEVILLLE – As reported before, Circleville Fast freeze is currently closed and will reopen with the same traditions as it has held for years.

In 2020 owner of the building passed away and since then it has been operated by Karen Nagel who posted a heartfelt statement on facebook on February 15th, “Well it’s closing day. At 4:30 it’s paper signing time. Today I will lock the door to Circleville Fast Freeze for the last time. Such an emotional day. But I know Paul is proud of me. And when one door closes another one opens. I can do this!! With tears in my eyes but I can do this!! Thanks to all my Amazing friends & Family for all of your support & love to help me make this transition. Love you all so much.”

In her statement, she also posted some amazing photo memories of the location here: https://www.facebook.com/karen.pauleynagel/posts/10222561845172993

Accoridng to Donna Jenkins who has worked there for some time, a planned grand reopening will come out under new management Jim Cooksey.