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Circleville Elections, Most Candidates Will Run Unopposed in 2021 Election Cycle

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CIRCLEVILLE – Pickaway County Board of Elections has certified all but one petition to run for open positions in the 2021 election year and for primaries, most will run unopposed.

One significant change is Barry Keller (R) who has been certified to run for the Council President position is running unopposed. Current Council President David Crawford (D) who took out a petition did not turn it back in leaving Keller to be the only person running unless independent steps up after primaries.

Brent Bowers who is currently city treasurer will also not run for another election and Dodie Radcliff (D) has the only petition certified from the two parties.

Mark Bidwell (R) who has currently been placed in the position of auditor after Gayle Spangler retired, will also be running unopposed in the two-party cycle.

Council at large, (3 positions) has only three candidates that had petitions turned in, Michelle Blanton (R), Tom Duvall (R), and Katie Logan Hedges (R). Duvall is a new candidate and Tom Klitzka has chosen not to run for a second term.

1st ward had only one petition turned in from currently 1st ward Councilperson Jeff Hallinin (R)

2nd Ward is also running unopposed with newcomer Caryn Koch (R). The 2nd ward seat has been filled by Councilperson Barry Keller for many terms. Keller is seeking the Council President position.

3rd ward is one of the only contested seats for the primary election possibly, Josh Ford (R) whose petition is certified could be possibly running against currently Council person Todd Brady (R) if his petition gets certified. According to Pickaway BOE, a tie vote at the department has caused Brady’s petition to be in limbo currently. A vote from Frank LaRose will settle that tie. If uncertified will give Ford a free pass through primaries.

4th ward only had one petition Sheri Theis (R) who is the currently Councilperson in that seat.

All petitions counted so far are from the minor and primary parties, Independents can still run and must file a petition by May 3, 2021.