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Circleville Considers Grade Separation Project to Ease Traffic Woes and Improve Emergency Response Times


Circleville, Ohio – The City of Circleville is exploring ways to improve traffic flow and emergency response times within its limits, as the frequent delays caused by train crossings on the Norfolk Southern Rail Lines pose a significant challenge.

Currently, the city lacks any grade separations, meaning roads intersect the train tracks at-grade, leading to frequent blockages and delays. This issue is further compounded by the recent closure of several crossings, forcing detours and further increasing congestion. Recognizing the potential for continued disruption and its impact on residents and businesses, the city is actively exploring solutions.

The proposed solution involves constructing a bridge over the railroad tracks at one of four potential locations: Court Street, Pickaway Street, Washington Street, or Progress Parkway. The project is currently in the planning phase, with the city conducting feasibility studies and gathering public input. No decisions have been made regarding the specific location or construction timeline.

“The purpose of the project is to improve mobility and reduce traffic disruptions for everyone in Circleville. These train delays not only frustrate motorists but also impede the ability of our emergency responders to reach those in need as quickly as possible.”

The city emphasizes its commitment to minimizing disruptions during construction, acknowledging the potential impact on residents, businesses, and the surrounding community. The specific details of these measures will be determined once the chosen alternative is finalized.

The project is also expected to require property acquisition, with the extent of the impact to be determined later in the process. Affected property owners will be contacted directly to discuss their rights and the acquisition process.

Funding for the project will be sought through federal grants, with the city actively pursuing these avenues alongside public engagement efforts. Currently, there is no funding for this project.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about the project’s progress and participate in public meetings to share their feedback. By working together, the city aims to find a solution that addresses traffic congestion, improves emergency response times, and ultimately benefits the entire Circleville community.