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Circleville – Charter Political Signs Stolen From Yard


Circleville – Circleville police are asking for your help in solving a crime of two political signs that were stolen from a yard in Circleville.

According to the Circleville Police department, on 07/23/2022 they responded to the 200 block of Clark Dr. on the report of a theft. When they arrived the owner explained that past midnight to early morning someone stole two “Say No to Charter,” signs that faced two different roadways. The homeowner said that the signs were not in public right away and were 5-10 from that area.

“Someone didn’t just step out of their car take a step and steal those signs, they had to walk onto my property a ways to get them.”

The homeowner says the signs will be replaced with more signs soon and he will have better camera footage this time.

Sign theft like this would likely result in a misdemeanor theft charge.