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Circleville BZA Approves Temporary Homeless Shelter in Downtown Circleville


Circleville – The Hope House a non-profit that has housed homeless and displaced individuals for several years in Pickaway County is moving temporarily to downtown Circleville for at least the next six months.

During a packed BZA meeting last night, the group asked for a zoning change for an adult group home for 134 East Mound Street, the Presbyterian Church where they will continue operations housing people in need. Bryan Shockwiler who heads the shelter spoke to the board last night.

“Our current lease up on North Court Street is not being renewed this year. So we’ve been looking for quite some time up and coming to City office pretty regularly and looking at property and you’re trying to find out the solution to this problem. And right now we’re down to we’re going to be out of the current facility. So we need to have a temporary solution and gracefully, Presbyterian Church offered a large room in their in their facility and has worked out the details with us on how we can secure that and keep it separate from everything else. This is a temporary request we have we need a permanent solution in the city somewhere and I have begun discussions with the mayor and other people in the city to try to find other solutions for a long-term solution for this.”

Several people spoke in support of the Hope House and their efforts to help with homelessness in the area, one person Jason who has stayed at the Hope House and is working to transition to housing soon spoke during the meeting.

“This place is home for us as it provides everything, not just shelter, and meals, but support. Anything you need to get back on your feet. When I started talking process 147 pounds, I’m now 200 pounds I’ve been clean and sober since before Thanksgiving. I’m the gentleman who’s getting ready to move in at the end of this week to my home. This place means so much to the guys who stay there and utilize the help. It’s a shame that people don’t have the opportunity or take advantage of the opportunity that we have. To not have a place for people who care about what their tomorrow looks like, will be a shame, there’s enough of that already in this town, and I love you for it. I love you for not giving up on us. When you first come into the Hope House, you’re getting this folder. It’s the success pack for anybody who’s staying there. It has the numbers of every resource, anybody in my position could ever want. Help with getting a Cell phone, help to get a car, a job, health insurance, food stamps, they help people who don’t know where to start and get started. And if they don’t know how to do it, they help you get in touch with people who do, and that’s big when you start with nothing. They don’t just give it to you they they monitor through these folders and make sure that you are keeping up with it. It’s not just a place to lay your head or sit doped up. It’s not like that it’s really a home first. For those of us who care about our tomorrow.”

During the meeting several board members had questions about the structure around the facility and security for those living around the area. Hope House explained that they are a 9 pm to 9 am facility where people come to the location and stay overnight. They then are moved around to jobs or libraries in the morning hours. They explained that the men who stay there are already moving around Circleville every day and are not just hanging out at the location. Hope House explained that they have had years of no violence towards anyone during their stay at the North Court location, with no major incidents ever.

During the meeting Four Churches and The Table a food outreach program for people in need were in attendance that give support to the shelter. Hope House will be able to house up to twelve people in the new facility

After the presentation and questioning BZA approved a 6-month temporary approval for the shelter with the possibility to extend. The Hope House will start moving immediately and will be in place by next week in its new temporary home in Downtown Circleville.