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Circleville Boys Basketball Postponed for Month


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville City Schools have announced the Postponement of January’s Basketball games, until February due to Covid-19 contact tracing protocols.

The following games have been postponed:

– 1/14 @ Bloom Carroll

– 1/16 @ Hamilton Twp

– 1/19 @ Washington Crt House

– 1/22 vs Fairfield Union

Games will be postponed and attempted to happen in February, as of now, here are the changes to our schedule:

– @ Hamilton Twp: 2/4

– @ Bloom Carroll: 2/11

Governor Dewine has lessened guidance for in-person students due to data that shows that schools have had the ability to keep students safe at schools with social distancing and mask-wearing. Those transmission protocols are not the same when it comes to school sports that children cannot practice social distancing and mask-wearing.

School Sports are still required to adhere to contact tracing protocols which mandate a 14 day self-quarantine following exposure, and can return to sports if they have not had symptoms.