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Chillicothe SWAT Raids Home on Southeast Side


Chillicothe – SWAT team performed a no-knock drug search warrant at 857 Adams Ave yesterday around 1 pm

According to the Chillicothe police department, the home was marked as a known home for drugs and possible drug trafficking was the cause of the home raid.

During the raid, one person was detained while the search warrant was performed. According to the report the front door was breached along with a window on the south side of the house. The person detained told officers that drugs would be found inside the home including Crack and Meth.

Inside the home SWAT members found the following:

“Search yielded several miscellaneous drug paraphernalia (Item 3) items including syringes, glass pipes, digital scales, and sandwich baggies. I know through my training and experience that syringes are commonly used as Drug Abuse Instruments to inject illicit narcotics, glass pipe to be used to smoke illicit narcotics (specifically Methamphetamine), digital scales used to weigh narcotics for sale, and sandwich baggies to be used to package illicit narcotics. I also found a green tray (Item 4) with white residue beside the bed and a blue container with bags of green vegetation (Item 6 marijuana). A .32 caliber revolver (Item 5) S/N: ST27640 was found under the bedside stand with (4) .32 caliber rounds on the nightstand. A brown box with white rocks (Item 7) was also found on the nightstand as well as a plastic baggie with a crystalline substance (Item 10). A burnt spoon with a white loose residue was located on the foot locker. Another plastic baggie with a white rocky substance (Item 9) was found on the bedroom floor where the person was initially contacted. A plastic bag with a green tablet (Item 11) was found inside a purse marked “S 90 3.” A glass container with pink powder was found and was an unknown substance.”

Police reported that suspected narcotics will be sent to BCI for chemical analysis, and the firearm will be placed into evidence. Charges will follow the BCI report.