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Chillicothe Store Hits Panic Button after Angry Bengals Fan Gets Mad after Refusing Beer Sales


Chillicothe – Police are working to identify a man who threatened a shopkeeper when he refused to sell him beer.

According to the Chillicothe police department, they were called to the BP on Safford Ave after a hold-up alarm was pressed. When they arrived a cashier told police that that he activated the panic alarm due to a customer who was being belligerent to him. He stated that he told a male customer that the beer sales had stopped at midnight and could not buy beer at that time. The male began arguing with him and stated that the male would “Beat his ass.” The Cashier stated that male threatened to climb over the counter to beat him up and later stated that he would kill him. The male also stated that he would come back when Nichols gets off and talk to his boss. The Cashier stated that he feared for his life and that’s why he activated the panic alarm. The Cashier said that the man was a regular and believed that he lived close by.

Police reviewed the video footage that corroborated the story, the male was described as a white male with brown shaggy facial hair, wearing an orange Bengals toboggan, a red hoodie, and black pants. The male got into a silver or beige Oldsmobile or Buick-style sedan and left the business traveling W/B on Orange Street.