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Chillicothe Schools Roll Back to Masks Optional

A child in a medical mask during a coronavirus pandemic

CHILLICOTHE – Chillicothe schools are pulling back mask mandates for the school effective immediately.

Below is the report from the Schools.

After reviewing our current student and staff COVID trend data we have determined that this is an acceptable time to move from mandatory masks to optional, but strongly encouraged, in our school buildings beginning Tuesday February 22, 2022. Please understand that masks are still required to be worn when a student is riding a bus, once the federal mandate has been lifted we will comply with the change. I have included the current guidance for quarantine if an individual has been exposed or is diagnosed with COVID. Please review the guidance document and be prepared to follow the steps outlined for returning a student to school that has been exposed or diagnosed as having COVID, which will require a masking mandate for a certain period of time after returning from quarantine/after the exposure. Please continue to notify the school nurse where your child attends if you need to report an exposure or diagnosis. I am extremely appreciative of the support and compliance our students and staff have exhibited over the past year and a half with regard to masking, distancing and quarantines. I am hopeful that we can finish the year with masks being optional, but please understand that if we see an uptick in cases in a specific building we will re-evaluate whether or not a change to the masking protocols will need to be made. We will continue with our other current mitigation strategies, including sanitizing procedures and social distancing/spacing in all of our buildings. I understand that this change will create anxiety, frustration and perhaps fear, but I believe the district has exercised caution and deep reflection about our decisions during the pandemic and we will continue to strive to keep our students safe and in school. If your son or daughter is exhibiting mental health challenges that cause you concern please reach out to me, your child’s guidance counselor, or building principal so we can assist you with accessing support.