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Chillicothe School District Suspends All Competitions and Extracurricular Activities


ROSS – Chillicothe School district is cancelling all thletic competitions and extracurriculars have been suspended until January 5, 2021, based on recommendations from Ross County Health district.

“All official games and scrimmages will be postponed and rescheduled for a time when our teams can compete together in a safe environment. Practices and skills training in small groups will continue for current CCSD athletes, and our coaching staff will be strictly enforcing all screening and safety protocols, including temperature checks and increased sanitization of all gym facilities.”

On December 3, 2020, Ross County continues as a “Red” Level 3 on Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System. Ross County continues as “High Incidence” of COVID-19 cases in Ross County due to the rate of cases per 100,000 population for the previous 2 weeks. Ross County’s incidence rate has again increased to a rate of 478.70 cases per 100k population from last week’s rate of 420.0. This is the highest incidence rate so far for Ross County since the incident rate was first reported back in July. Ross County is still far away from the September 29th rate of 43.04 cases per 100k population.

According to the system, Ross County currently meets 2 of the 7 indicators (New Cases Per Capita, Non-congregate cases). Although indicators for ED visits and hospital admissions were not triggered during this week’s report, these indicators are holding steady over the past several weeks.

RCHD continues to closely monitor activity in our local emergency departments, hospitals, and schools with the increase in community spread. Upward trends in COVID-19 related emergency department visits and hospital admissions are likely to occur with increase in incidence of COVID-19 among the community.