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Chillicothe – Routine Traffic Stop Turns into Drug Trafficking Arrest, and Search Warrant


Chillicothe – A traffic stop occured when a Chillicothe police officer noticed a vehicle traveling with no taillights, through investigation the driver was arrested and charged with several drug charges including trafficking.

According to the Chillicothe police department, on 2/19/23 while on patrol an officer observed a black BMW four-door traveling Westbound on E. Main St with no tail lights. The officer initiated a stop. During that stop, and the driver interview the officer noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and his person. When asked how much the man had to drink he reported three beers.

At that time the officer asked the man identified as James M McWhorter to exit the vehicle and he went through several OVI tests that, according to the report he failed. During his arrest, he was searched and police located a
small red snorting straw in a knife case that was on his belt. Police then searched the mans car, and found many items that where seized as evidence here’s a insert from the police department report:

An incident to arrest search was conducted on the vehicle. Under the driver seat I located a plastic baggie containing multiple plastic baggies containing a white substance. This was seized as evidence. I asked James about the substance and he stated that it wasn’t fentanyl and was possibly cocaine. James then admitted to using cocaine earlier that day and said that he would have cocaine in his system. The plastic baggies the white substance were in had dollar signs on them. These were scattered through out the vehicle. In the center console I located a lower portion of a Smith and Wesson firearm. The weapon could not be loaded in it’s current condition. This was seized as evidence.

In the jacket James was wearing at the time of the stop that was left on the front seat, I located a plastic bag of what
appeared to be dried mushrooms. When asked, James confirmed these were psilocybin mushrooms that he had grown. The mushrooms were seized as evidence. In an empty sweet tea bottle in the middle console of the vehicle I located a silver cylindrical container containing a white substance. This was also seized as evidence. In the trunk of the vehicle I located a black portable Sentry Safe that was locked. The key to the safe was on the vehicle keys located in the car. The safe was opened without damaging it. Inside the safe was a loaded Glock 9mm handgun with three additional loaded magazines, a plastic baggie containing what appeared to be marijuana, a plastic container that contained a white substance, multiple empty plastic baggies that had the dollar bill sign on them, digital scales with residue, and a plastic baggie containing seven white pills. All of these items including the safe were seized as evidence.

When asked about the safe, James admitted to knowing the gun was in the safe. He stated he gives some of the marijuana to his mother. James denied selling the drugs contained in the safe, however, all of the drugs were
packaged to sell, marked for weight or contents and there were also more empty baggies and digital scales to weigh drugs. James reiterated that he is only a drug user

James was booked into the jail on OVI. He was left in the care and custody of the Ross County jail until he could call a ride or for eight hours. Evidence items 1-4 will be sent to BCI for testing and identification. Once lab results are obtained, they will be forwarded to the Ross County Prosecutor for review for appropriate charges. Charges of trafficking, possession of drugs, and illegal use or possession of Drug paraphernalia are all pending charges.

Due to James admitting to growing his own drugs a search warrant was conducted at his home. During that search police found

Item 1: Several items of drug paraphernalia to include a large digital scale, (3) smaller digital scales, several small
plastic baggies both used and un-used.
Item 2: A large box containing “Boomrbag” Mushroom growing supplies with shipping label addressed to Mr McWhorter
Item 3: A Sig Sauer P229 hand gun S/N: AHU4401. Loaded with 1 round chambered and 2 additional loaded magazines
Item 4: A Kimber 1911 .45 ACP hand gun S/N: K801970. Loaded with 1 round chambered and 3 additional loaded magazines
Item 5: A Ruger .556 Rifle S/N: 852-58534. Loaded with 1 round in chamber.
Item 6: A .22 Revolver S/N: TX82063.
Item 7: A .22 Glenfield Long Rifle S/N: 19781086
Item 8: A kit full of what appears to be Anabolic Steroids and Syringes
Item 9: A Pelican case containing several boxes of Ammunition, additional Magazines, and holsters.
Item 10: A 12 gauge Noble Shotgun (unknown Serial Number)
Item 11: A .22 Remington Rifle S/N: 2231169
Item 12: A 12 Gauge Remington Sportman S/N: PC830388
Item 13: A CZ .22 Long Rifle S/N: 886281
Item 14: (2) round white tablets marked “R/10 325”