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Chillicothe Police Respond to Complaint of Thin K9 Officer


CHILLICOTHE – On May 8′ 2022 the Chillicothe Police Department received a complaint in reference to the health and wellbeing of our dual purpose K9 Rin. K9 Rin is a 4 year old Belgian-Malinois and has been with the department since 2019. The complaint was that K9 in was malnourished and skinny.

The handler, Officer Shane Simmons, was contacted and he stated that K9 Rin is up to date on his vet visits and has always been lean and very active. He stated he feeds K9 Rin 5 cups of dry dog food a day and he is constantly active like he has always been. He advised K9 Rin has been shedding his outer coat recently. The handler was advised to schedule an appointment with Northfork Animal Clinic on Monday May 9th 2022.

On Monday May 9th 2022 Northfork Animal Clinic was contacted and all health records were reviewed. The records showed that K9 Rin has been seen 5 times since 3/20/19 at the clinic, he is up to date on his visits, and has always been apparently healthy. Due to the complaint, K9 Rin was examined on Monday, May 9th around 2:45 pm.

At this wellness exam he was diagnosed as apparently healthy, weighed 77lbs, and had good energy. The vet noted, “Rin is very fit and muscled today and has been maintaining, if not gaining throughout his visits. He is of appropriate and ideal body condition for an active working dog.” All this information was reviewed and it was found that K9 Rin weighed 72.80lbs at his first vet visit on 3/20/19 and he weighed 77lbs at the vet visit this Monday. These weights are within AKC breed standards for a Belgian-Malinois (60-80lbs). K9 Rin is being fed 5 cups of dry dog food a day and the vet and feeding charts advise this would be on the higher recommended level.

Conclusion: K9 Rin appears fit, lean, and muscled. He is very active, and always moving. His weight is and has been within range of breed standards per health records. He will continue to attend his annual health visits.

Chillicothe Police Department K9 Teams are highly trained and have been a helpful and positive addition to this community for years. The teams work daily on the streets to locate drugs, evidence, and suspects. Then during their down time they attend events, visit schools, and other organizations to perform community outreach. These active working dogs are a part of their handler’s families and are with them daily at work and home. The countless hours of work, training, and living together creates a deep bond. We would like to thank K9 Officer Shane Simmons and K9 Rin for their service to the community.