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Chillicothe Police Apprehend Man Walking Down Street with Garbage Can


Chillicothe, OH – On April 18, 2024, at approximately 3:30 AM, Officer Christopher Althouse of the Chillicothe Police Department observed a male subject pulling a blue City of Chillicothe Recycle Trash Can in the area of N. Bridge Street and E. Second Street. This prompted Officer Althouse to initiate an investigation into the matter.

Upon further observation, Officer Althouse located the male, identified as Stephen McComis, walking in front of 312 E. Second Street with the Recycle Bin. Officer Althouse approached McComis and inquired about the origin of the bin. McComis claimed to have borrowed it from a friend named “Ray,” who he described as homeless.

During the interaction, Officer Althouse noticed McComis standing in a defensive stance, with a large unsheathed knife visible on his hip. Concerned for his safety, Officer Althouse disarmed McComis and conducted a frisk, during which he discovered a glass marijuana pipe with burnt material inside McComis’s jacket pocket.

Subsequently, McComis was read his Miranda Rights, which he acknowledged, and was found to possess additional drug paraphernalia, including a marijuana grinder and a glass “Bubble” pipe with residue. Officer Althouse seized the paraphernalia and issued McComis a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia, scheduling his court appearance for May 3, 2024, at the Chillicothe Municipal Courthouse.

Additionally, Officer Althouse seized the stolen blue City of Chillicothe Recycle Bin and placed it in safekeeping until it could be returned to the city’s Service Department. Despite efforts, the original owner of the Recycle Bin remains unknown.

The Chillicothe Police Department continues to investigate the incident, but at present, no further information is available.