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Chillicothe OH- Police Officer Suffered Minor Injury After Assault by Teen Who Had a Gun During Disturbance Call


Chillicothe OH- A Sergeant for the Chillicothe Police Department was in a fight for his life, after being assaulted by a 16-year-old juvenile on the night of Sunday June 27th, 2021.

The disturbance call came in to dispatch at 10:00P.M. that someone was riding a dirt bike on the roadway around N. High St. and Chestnut St in the city. When the officer arrived on scene, he observed a male standing next to the dirt bike which was parked on the sidewalk and he was attempting to start it.

The officer then approached the male and the suspect fled on foot. The officer gave pursuit and the suspect dodged between houses on Church St and into the darkness where the officer was, for a moment suffering night blindness but could hear what sounded like the suspect climbing a fence.

The officer was able to get his flashlight and turn it on, just in time to see the suspect had turned around and was headed right at him. That is when the officer and the suspect got into a physical altercation, the officer taking the suspect to the ground. The officer was unable to reach for his radio to call for backup and was in a location not easily seen due to very little lighting. The officer gave the suspect a verbal command to turn around and he did roll to his stomach, but the suspect then pushed himself to his knees and then to his feet. The suspect pushed the officer into the side of a house as the struggle continued and the two went to the ground again.

The juvenile suspect did not stop resisting arrest, even requiring the officer to punch him with a closed fist to the abdomen after trying to stand up again and get on top of the officer. The officer was able to gain control of the situation after the long struggle and eventually cuffed the juvenile suspect. The officer found out while announcing a search of his person and asking if he had any weapons, he told the officer he had a loaded handgun in his pocket. The 16-year-old juvenile suspect had a loaded Glock 30 .45 caliber handgun in his pocket. The officer retrieved the handgun from the pocket of the juvenile, clearing it of 9 live rounds of ammunition.

Sgt. Cody Moore suffered a minor head injury that he had checked out by medics, and the suspect was bleeding from his right elbow from a minor abrasion, it also appeared he had a small laceration on his left eye lid but refused medical attention. The dirt bike, a 1994 Suzuki RM125 was towed from the scene.

Due to the age of the suspect, we are not able to release his name but can inform you that the officer has recommended Charges: 1. Carrying concealed weapons, 2. assault on a police officer, 3. resisting arrest (m1), 4. obstructing official business. The 16-year-old male juvenile was transported to the juvenile detention center on Cattail Road.

This report and photos were obtained through a media request to the Chillicothe Police Department.