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Chillicothe OH- Cincinnati Murder Suspect Captured In Chillicothe


Image credit to Columbus Division of Police

Chillicothe OH- Cincinnati murder suspect Vandell Slade was captured in Chillicothe on 11/18/2019. Just hours ago, the Colerain Police Department announced the capture on their Facebook Page “Colerain Police announce the capture of Vandell Slade, the final suspect in the 2017 Capstan Drive shooting. Agents from BCI and SOFAST captured him last night.”

We were able to reach out to James Love of the Colerain Police Department and he told us that they are very happy and excited the suspect has been captured and believes there are several more charges to be handed down on top of the indictment.

On August 14, 2019 Colerain Police in Cincinnati made this announcement regarding the suspect, Vandell Slade who is from Columbus.

“Chief Mark C. Denney announces that the Hamilton County Grand Jury has indicted Vandell Slade for murder and nine counts of attempted murder in the death of Autum Garrett and shooting of eight others on July 8, 2017 on Capstan Drive.

This suspect is the fourth person charged in the shooting. Roshawn Bishop, James Echols and Michael Sanon have all been charged and are awaiting trial in Hamilton County.

Vandell Slade is wanted for these offenses and is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone having information about his location should contact the Colerain Police Department at 321-COPS (2677).”

We will update this story as it unfolds.