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Chillicothe Man Sentenced to 16-19 Years for Fairground Catalytic Converter Theft


CHILLICOTHE – After a three-day jury trial, on February 16, 2022, Noah Sines-Riley, 24, of Chillicothe, Ohio was convicted of various offenses that arose from incidents that happened at or near the Scioto County Fairgrounds in January 2021.

On January 23, 2021, Troopers from the Ohio Highway Patrol effected a traffic stop on U.S. 23 in Lucasville, Ohio after a vehicle was observed travelling northbound in the southbound lane at a high rate of speed. Driving the vehicle was Todd Parsons, 28, of Chillicothe, Ohio. Sines-Riley was the front seat passenger. Shortly after the stop, Troopers discovered eight catalytic converters, suspected stolen property, and criminal instruments commonly used during the commission of theft offenses. The Troopers also discovered felony amounts of controlled substances in the vehicle. Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers contacted the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office to assist in investigating the suspected stolen items.

Investigation by the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department revealed that, shortly prior to the traffic stop, unlawful entry had been made at both the Scioto County Fairgrounds and Arrick’s Propane in Lucasville, Ohio. Entry had been made at both locations by cutting through the chain link fences surrounding the properties. Further investigation revealed that the catalytic converters had been cut off a number of trucks and recreational vehicles. Additionally, a large number of the campers and recreational vehicles at the fairgrounds had been broken into and items were stolen from them.

Law enforcement personnel matched a number of the stolen items and converters to those discovered in the vehicle occupied by Sines-Riley. The State of Ohio established that Sines-Riley was both directly involved and complicit with Todd Parsons in the commission of the offenses at Arrick’s Propane and the Scioto County Fairgrounds. The State’s case further showed that Sines-Riley was a joint possessor of the drugs found in the vehicle. His accomplice, Todd Parsons, had previously accepted entered a plea and was sentenced to an 8-10 year prison sentence. Both defendants were ordered to pay restitution.

After Sines-Riley was found guilty by a jury on sixteen felony counts including Felony 2 possession of fentanyl and Felony 3 possession of methamphetamine along with a number of Felony 5 breaking and entering, theft, vandalism, and possessing criminal tools charges. Sines-Riley was also convicted of a variety of misdemeanor theft, criminal damaging, and drug counts. Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark Kuhn sentenced Sines-Riley to a definite sentence of 16 years in prison with the possibility of an additional three years as an indefinite term. The State of Ohio was represented by Assistant Prosecutors Scott Evans and Matthew Loesch. Mr. Sines-Riley was represented by Attorney Marc May.

The Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office extends its thanks to the Ohio Highway Patrol, the Scioto County Fair Board, the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, the victims and community members for their efforts during the investigation and prosecution of this case.