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Chillicothe Man Leads Police on Bicycle Chase with Stolen Clothes from Three Stores


CHILLICOTHE – A man gave police a chase after several people called police over stolen items.

According to Chillicothe police on October 12, 2021 at approximately 1425 hours I was dispatched to the business located at 100 Pawnee Road to
investigate what appeared to be a male subject attempting to break into a storage unit. While responding to the call, responding officers observed a male, later identified as Jeremy Ray Dunn headed southbound on N. Bridge Street on a bicycle.

While officers attempted to stop Dunn by activating the patrol vehicles overhead lights, and audible siren, Dunn then proceeded to speed up on his bicycle and leave the roadway, and went through several parking lots attempting to elude the signaling officer. I then proceeded to the area attempting to stop and detain Dunn. While Dunn was attempting to
elude officers, he discarded several items in the parking lot which were collected, and when he reached the backside of AT&T his jacket got wrapped up in the wheel causing him to wreck. After wrecking, Dunn stood up and attempted to run around the front side of the business. He was then caught and put into custody.

When police went back to the bike they found a large amount of clothing that had TJ-MAXX, CHAMPS and GABE’s tags still on the clothing. When the companies were contacted they all said that the suspect did steal the articles of clothing.

Jeremy Ray Dunn was arrested and charged with theft and eluding police, they did also find a pill bottle was located with miscellaneous pills and a pipe in his possession.