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Chillicothe has a Liquor Zone Downtown Should Circleville?


ROSS – Should Circleville consider a DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) for downtown Circleville? Recently Circleville City Council passed a Downtown Revitalization plan allowing more buisnesses to obtain special liquor licenses. With that revitalization should we consider a area downtown for drinks like Chillicothe?

DORA in Chillicothe takes effect at 5PM on Saturday night. Then people must follow these simple rules to stay within the law.

1:You must consume the drink In an approved container, sold by the establishment you purchased it from. Locally it is a color coded plastic cup. Yes you can drink outside, on the sidewalks and crossing the streets in the designated area.

2: You can’t take a drink purchased from one establishment inside another.

3: you can only consume drinks within the designated DORA area. These are marked by signage. Think downtown historical district (and certain hotels on N. Bridge St.)

And of course, you can’t consume or posses and open container in a motor vehicle.

This map posted is a idea of how it is mapped out for downtown Chillicothe could you see one for Circleville?

Here are the Lawriter codes for a DORA: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4301.82