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Chillicothe – Hypodermic Needle Found in Drive-Thru Order Bag was Possible Hoax

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Chillicothe – Police were called to North Bridge street when a 69-year-old woman claimed she found something inside her order that she didn’t want, a needle. Now after an investigation, White Castle and police have reported that this may have been a hoax

According to the Chillicothe Police department, contact was made with a 69-year-old female who advised she went to White Castle and purchased food on November 5, 2022, at or around 9 Pm.

The elderly woman advised she found a sealed package containing a hypodermic needle in the bottom of her food bag. The property was disposed of and contact was made with White Castle Management.

A statement was issued from WHite Castle that reads, ““Customer health and safety are of the utmost importance at White Castle. We have been working closely with local police regarding this incident and welcomed them to the restaurant for further investigation. The police also reviewed all surveillance footage of food prep and packaging including the order in question. At this time, there is no evidence that anything out of the ordinary took place during the food preparation process or with the packaging for carry-out prior to leaving the restaurant. We will continue to cooperate with local authorities and support their efforts every way we can.“

No charges were filed against the company.