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Cargill Grain Elevator in Circleville Set for $20 Million Renovation


Circleville’s skyline is about to undergo a significant transformation as the iconic Cargill grain elevator, situated at the gateway of the city, is slated for a substantial $20 million facelift. According to project manager Barrett, the ambitious renovation aims to modernize equipment and support structures crucial for weighing and grading corn and soybeans, while also prioritizing safety, customer service, efficiency, and overall aesthetics.

The community can anticipate a host of improvements, including enhanced traffic flow, expedited stormwater drainage, and reduced dust levels, thanks to the paving of truck paths. Additionally, the renovations are poised to bolster Cargill’s operational capacity, enabling the processing of grain to fill up to 105 railcars within a 24-hour timeframe, a significant leap from the current process duration, which can take up to two days.

The Cargill plant, which currently handles up to 900,000 bushels of grain annually, has sometimes caused disruptions to traffic on Main Street or South Court Street during its operations. However, with the forthcoming renovations, such disruptions are expected to be minimized, offering a smoother experience for both commuters and residents alike.

The $20 million investment underscores Cargill’s commitment to not only modernizing its facilities but also to enhancing its contribution to the local economy and community. As construction commences on the project, residents can look forward to a revitalized and more efficient grain elevator, poised to serve Circleville for years to come.