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Capital City Helps People With Needs


CIRCLEVILLE – Capital City Construction, located at 665 Granite Drive, is a construction company that has recently relocated to Circleville. While Capital City has the ability to do all construction needs, their focus is on people with special needs. “We built a shower for a 70 year old person that only had sponge baths for the last ten years. Making improvements that change lives is what we really enjoy. We can remodel a kitchen or bathrooms no problem. Making a kitchen accessible for someone with needs to cook for themselves, or be able to get out of their home safely is what we enjoy,” said Capital City.

“We work with the state, and local organizations. I am a certified nurse, my background is in nursing and patient care. We work as liaisons for these entities, so we are really relied on to figure out exactly what needs to help our customers live a fulfilling life.  We are customizing it for that specific individual, its our job to give them exactly what they need,” said Camie Reed, Co-Owner.

“We work on a very small profit margin for these jobs. We can do expensive custom homes for larger profits, but we feel these jobs need special care that we feel we do the best,” said Reed.

Capital City works with VA, Medicare, Medicaid, Department of disabilities. “Most people look at our website and all they think is we are a construction company. They do not realize that we are advocating and changing lives one bathroom at a time,” said Scott Reed.

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If you are interested in remodel or you are special needs person who needs renovation, if you have questions about government or state funding for this contact Capital City at 740-474-4299, Located at 665 Granite Drive in Circleville, like them on facebook or website is capitalcitycustoms.us

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