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Burger King Fans: Unleash Your Creativity! Win $1 Million and Design the Next Whopper

photo - Burger King

Calling all foodies and burger aficionados! Burger King is launching a million-dollar contest, giving YOU the chance to design the next iconic Whopper sandwich. Let your imagination run wild and submit your dream burger creation for a shot at culinary fame and a life-changing prize.

What’s up for grabs?

  • $1 million grand prize: If your Whopper creation wins the hearts of the nation, you’ll walk away with a cool million bucks!
  • National Burger Stardom: Your winning burger masterpiece will be featured on menus nationwide for a limited time. Talk about bragging rights!
  • AI-powered Fun: Submit your idea and receive a personalized, AI-generated image or video of your burger creation, complete with a custom jingle and thematic background – perfect for sharing on social media.

Ready to unleash your inner burger genius? Here’s how:

  • Head to BK.com/MDW or the BK App: No purchase necessary! Just create a free Royal Perks account and start dreaming.
  • Craft your Masterpiece: Use your culinary creativity to design your ideal Whopper, featuring up to eight mouthwatering toppings.
  • Get a Sneak Peek: Thanks to AI magic, you’ll see your burger come to life with a personalized image or video. Add a custom jingle and background to make it truly yours.
  • Spread the Word: Share your creation on social media and inspire your friends to vote for you.

The clock is ticking! Entries close on Sunday, March 17th. Three finalists will be chosen, and their burger creations will be brought to life and tested by the public. The Whopper with the most votes wins the grand prize.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a burger enthusiast, this is your chance to leave your mark on fast-food history. So, dust off your aprons, unleash your creativity, and enter the Million Dollar Whopper Contest today!

Bonus: Burger King is throwing a pop-up party in Los Angeles on Feb. 17th and 18th! Sample a California-inspired Whopper, create your own contest entry with unique ingredients, and snag exclusive merch. What are you waiting for? Head to the Santa Monica Pier and join the Whopper fun!