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Buffalo Wild Wings Giving Away Free Wings if We go into Overtime in the Super Bowl


CIRCLEVILLE – BW3’s is putting their money were their mouth is with their regular,”please send this game to overtime” ad campaign they have played on for years.

This year Buffalo Wild Wings in a tweet said, “If LA-New England goes to overtime, we’re giving everyone in America free wings on Feb. 18. LET’S DO THIS!”

Whether it’s persuading a referee to reverse a sure touchdown, triggering the field’s sprinklers to trip a player about to score, or turning on the stadium’s industrial fans to blow a game-winning field goal wide, Buffalo Wild Wings ads have long touted its ability to influence the outcome of games by sending them to overtime. This year, America’s largest sports bar is taking this claim to the next level on football’s biggest stage to see if its “overtime button” really works. If the game on February 3 in Atlanta goes to overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings will celebrate by giving America free wings.

The Buffalo Wild Wings overtime button has apparently been working all year with a regular season that saw 15 overtime games, and for the first time in history, two postseason OT games in the same day. If this final game goes into extra time, everyone in America will win a free snack-sized wings on February 18 from 4-7 p.m. local time.