Home News UPDATE: Circleville Police Conduct Search Warrants for Home Burglary, Arrest Two

UPDATE: Circleville Police Conduct Search Warrants for Home Burglary, Arrest Two


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Police were on the scene of a burglary that occurred and have now arrested two suspects and have searched two homes in Circleville finding a large number of stolen items.

According to police, a theft occurred at a home located at 300 blocks of Watt street during the morning hours of December 13th. During the investigation, police found one of the suspect’s cell phone was dropped inside the home. Though cell phone forensics helped to name one of the people that could have been possibly involved. That suspect, Chris Ford was found to be living at 327 1/2 East High Street just two houses down from the burglarized home. A search of that residence was performed and a large amount of the theft items were found.

Ford told police of another man who was also involved in the theft who lived in a garage behind 428 Stella only a few blocks from the location. When Police went to that location they found the suspect, Shawn Taylor Dickens who attempted to flee from the police. After police apprehended the man Police found more of the stolen goods on the man along with a stolen motorcycle from a previous case.

Police are still searching for some of the items that were stolen, estimated value of the items of the theft was over 5,000 dollars. Family members of the theft said that they were happy to get back some of the items, and praised Circleville Police Department for the quick work.

Charges of Burglary, Breaking and Entering, Receiving Stolen Property, Obstructing Justice, Resisting Arrest on the suspects, with the possibility of more charges.

UPDATE: Christopher Ford, 35 was charged with Burglary and Theft

Shawn Taylor-Dickens was charged with Failure to appear-bail, Burglary, Theft, Resisting Arrest, Receiving Stolen Property, and Obstructing official business.

Police say that a majority of the large theft items were found, and they are currently looking for the rest. Items have been returned to the family.