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Breaking: New Update to Man Shot on Thrailkill Road in Pickaway County


Pickaway – New details have emerged from the Pickaway County shooting on 7/24 that explain some of the details around the situation

According to the report on July 14, 2022 at 2338 hours, Sheriff’s department was dispatched to 10565 Thrailkill Road on a shooting and a suspected burglar in the residence. Dispatch advised that the caller stated someone had gained entry into their home and did not know if he had weapons. The caller described the intruder as a larger black male. The caller stated they would be upstairs in their bedroom until law enforcement arrives on the scene.

When police arrived on the scene they reported that observed a Van still running with airbags deployed that had driven through the yard and crashed into a truck. There was one red Nike shoe laying at the door outside.

Voices came from upstairs stating they were the homeowners and the suspect was laying at the bottom of the stairs.

Homeowner stated that stated everyone was sleeping when he heard the vehicle crash into the truck and make a loud noise. He advised he looked out of the window and witnessed a larger man getting out of the passenger door and trying to make entry into the home. The adult son woke up his mom and dad to let them know what was going on. Eric stated he grabbed his weapon and pointed it at the set of little stairs that lead from the first floor inside the home to the 2nd when he heard the man coming up the stairs and “growling”. The mother stated in the report while the man was coming up the stairs her son yelled at the person “Stop!” and the male kept coming up the stairs when the son started shooting. The homeowner stated he fired several times and then went to reload. When he came back the man was still attempting to come up the stairs and he fired again killing him.

The Pickaway County report stated that forced entry into the home occurred, ” The side door knob threshold appeared to have newly acquired damage consistent with forced entry. Immediately inside was a hallway that was about 12 feet long then went left out to a living room area. From the living room looking right I could see a male lying at the base of three steps that led up to an entry-level floor.”

A search of the suspect 27-year-old Richard Taylor’s Van found one black 9mm handgun was recovered from Richard’s driver’s side floorboard. A clear plastic bag was located in the center console which contained dehydrated mushrooms. The mushrooms were whitish-gray which I suspected to possibly be Psilocybin Mushrooms based on appearance. All evidence was collected by BCI Agent Taylor and released to the office.

At this time Pickaway County reports that it is unknown if the man was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol but because of the drugs found in the vehicle it cannot be ruled out.

An autopsy of the body is being performed at the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, the investigation is still ongoing. The sheriff’s office at this time is not charging the homeowner with a crime.

A Background check on Taylor showed that he was a Marine, and did not have a criminal background. A background check showed he was from the Columbus area, It is unknown why he was traveling in the area or why he crashed his car. More investigation work will uncover more facts.

Family members reported that they did not know Taylor.

Ohio’s new “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law took affect in 2021 replacing Ohios Castle Doctrine. The Stand your Ground law removed the duty to retreat for people in a lawfully occupied residence or in their vehicle. Under the new law, there is no longer a duty to retreat as long as someone is in a place where they are legally allowed to be, like their home.

Intruders are the clearest cases where the Castle Doctrine applies and your argument of self-defense will not be questioned when someone breaks into your home and threatens your safety or the safety of your family. At that point, you are within your rights to use deadly force to defend yourself and your family from the intruder.

In order to be protected by the Castle Doctrine, the intruder must actually be inside your home or attempting to enter (coming in/breaking through a door or window). If the intruder is simply peeking through a window and has not made an attempt to enter, you need to call 9-1-1 and request assistance from the police. For the Castle Doctrine to apply, you must actually believe that your life or the lives of your family members are in grave danger.