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BREAKING: Governor Dewine Reissued Mask Order Warns of Business Closures of Cases Rise

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OHIO – Governor Dewine speaks on COVID-19 pandemic and the increase of the virus spread throughout the state.

Dewine today reissued an order that all retail shops must wear masks during open hours, Dewine added new mask mandates that included possible closure of the store. New mandates are:

Face covering sign in door must be posted

All employees must wear masks during work hours, DeWine’s order will put the responsibility on the business owner.

New retail task force will be created to monitor and check on businesses, if violations are found the following will happen.

first violation written warning to establishment

second closure up to 24 hours to establishment

The new order that will be implemented in a few days that will target public areas to be closed and people to be seated in public areas, restrictions will stop dancing and games in public. That order will issue in the coming days

Dewine warned that they possibly could close Bars, Restaurants, and work out facilities if numbers increased.

As of 3:00 p.m. today, Tuesday, November 10, 2020 there is a total of 247,260confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ohio and 5,212 deaths. Currently there are 3,429 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Pickaway County, 2,339 being inmates, leaving 1,091 local residents who have tested positive. There are 190 active local resident cases with 14 hospitalized. There are a total of 49 deaths, 37 being inmates and 12 community deaths.