Home News Breaking: 10,000 Homes Without Power in Pickaway, Fairfield

Breaking: 10,000 Homes Without Power in Pickaway, Fairfield

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Story Update: Power to most areas has been restored as of 4:30pm EST. 


Original Story:

As per South Central, a breaker at a substation has caused the major power outage in the Pickaway and Fairfield County areas which began on or around 3:36pm. The breaker has caused 5 substations to go offline. The area spans Williamsport in the west to the edge of Lancaster with a current peak number of 10,800 homes affected.

South Central Power is keenly aware of the outages, and as per our conversation with dispatch, trucks are currently working to resolve the outages as quickly as possible.

The expected time for the power to return to the affected areas is 9:30pm. We will continue to update the story as time goes on.

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  1. I’m not sure if “keenly” is the best word choice to use here. SCP was so…”keenly”… aware of their surroundings, that “Harvey” (my term for the south central Ohio layman) flipped the wrong switch at HQ, and instead of turning off the break room lights, he turned off the monitoring system, and 5 sub-station blew at once? Very “keenly” indeed.
    Unfortunately for you chaps at the Scioto Post, SCP WAS in fact, keenly aware of the OurCirclevile (sic), OurRoundtown (sic), and OurPick-yer-nose (super-sic) signs you posted on their power poles. The SCP group that noticed those should be put in charge of conducting sub-station audits, and makeing sure us “Co-operative” customers have steady power more than just eighty percent of the year, if they can be that observant.

    “Keenly”… that made me “lol” as I read it. This sure is an entertaining area to live in at times…

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