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Blanton Sworn in as Next Circleville Mayor


Circleville – Michelle Blanton took an oath yesterday and became Circleville’s new mayor, she did it surrounded by friends, colleagues, and faith.

Brian Stewart, State Representative for District 12 swore Blanton in.

“Blanton is in it for the right reasons, and wants to do great things for the City of Circleville,” said Stewart, “Today is a happy day, but Michelle will need support in the days and weeks ahead. Come January when the hard stuff hits, she will be able to handle it.”

Following the swear-in Blanton made a few statements.

“Just about a year ago I stood in this very same room and announced I was running for the next mayor of Circleville, today we come full circle back to where it all started. You have encouraged me, you have prayed for me, you have corrected me. That has been very supportive for me. “This journey started in 2014 when I graduated from the Pickaway Fellows program, and my passion for public service was rekindled. In all reality, my connection to Circleville started in 1993 on Ohio Street where I gave my life to Jesus during a church service. After high school, I went to the then Circleville Bible College, where I graduated from and have worked for the last 15 years.”

Blanton said that there were several things in motion already in Circleville and that she had worked with the previous mayor Don Mcllroy, and his staff to be up to speed on next year’s big projects. Including a proposed safety forces levy, a major construction project on U.S. 22 and State Route 56, upgrades at the wastewater treatment plant, and several housing projects that have already been announced and some that are coming.

Blanton told us that staff would not be changing other than hiring a safety director the first week in office, for the current vacant position. As for the big issues, Blanton said that the city cannot solve those issues by itself.

“The city can’t solve it on its own we don’t have the resources, but we know people to do,” she said. “It’s about getting the right people around the right table to solve them. They may not be solved right away, but the best things take time to solve because we’re solving it at its core and not just putting a band-aid on it.”

Blanton after being questioned about what she would say to the voters who did not vote for her, “At the end of the day’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s ok, we can still work together to make Cirlceville the best place it can be.”