Home News Bipartisan Effort Unveils Bill to Bolster Affordability of Primary and Virtual Care

Bipartisan Effort Unveils Bill to Bolster Affordability of Primary and Virtual Care


WASHINGTON D.C. – In the wake of a House Ways and Means Committee hearing focused on expanding access to healthcare in underserved and rural communities, Representatives Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) and Brad Schneider (D-IL) have joined forces to introduce a new act. The aptly named Bipartisan Primary and Virtual Care Affordability Act aims to make both primary care and telehealth services more affordable for patients enrolled in High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).

“By prioritizing preventative care, we can not only improve the overall health of Americans but also empower them to manage out-of-pocket costs,” remarked Congressman Wenstrup. “This is precisely why I’m proud to champion the Primary & Virtual Care Affordability Act. This legislation builds upon the telehealth flexibilities introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its goal is to encourage patients to prioritize preventative care by ensuring those with HDHPs have unfettered access to telehealth services.”

Echoing these sentiments, Representative Schneider emphasized the importance of cost not becoming a hurdle in accessing healthcare. “Financial constraints should never impede access to healthcare,” he stated. “Unfortunately, high upfront costs often deter Americans from seeking medical attention and discussing critical healthcare needs. This, in turn, leads to delayed diagnoses and treatment, ultimately jeopardizing a patient’s health outcomes. By eliminating the financial burden associated with primary care and telehealth services for individuals with HDHPs, this bill empowers Americans to make informed decisions about their health without sacrificing their financial well-being.”

The pandemic underscored the critical role telehealth can play in ensuring access to care. It serves as a lifeline for Americans residing in areas with limited healthcare providers and facilitates continued medical consultations for patients unable to travel. The proposed legislation, by allowing HDHPs to waive deductibles for primary care and telehealth services, strives to increase patient access and empower both patients and healthcare professionals to choose the most appropriate course of treatment.