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What Beauty Products Should Every Girl Have?

USA – Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to appearance, so it is important for every girl to look good. “Good” in this case means being close to the ideal. Nevertheless,
there is also a trend for a natural look, which requires for the makeup to be unnoticed.
Today, cosmetics is not only a way to improve yourself, but it is also an indicator of
lifestyle. So, when making your own home beauty kit, you have to be guided by these
two trends.
Why Follow the Latest Trends?
The “skip care” trend is already gaining momentum in the United States when one
multifunctional care product is selected. At the same time, more and more 5-in-one
products appear in the cosmetic market — for example, Filabe Swiss napkins that
simply need to be moistened with water — they replace the washing-up, toning and
nourishing/moisturizing your skin.
This single trend shows how the cosmetics industry adapts to the new realities — now everything is done to make the product as versatile and convenient as possible. Based on this idea, we recommend you to take advantage of the new releases and pay attention to the products that decrease the time, which is spent on the makeup and skincare daily.What Beauty Products Should Every Girl Have?


What Products Should Be in Your Beauty Kit?
The first thing you should do before going shopping is to analyze the pros and cons of
your appearance and the type of your skin. Then, you can start selecting your skincare
items. To do that, we suggest you view CVS weekly ad here at www.rabato.com/us/ to
learn the prices and check if there are any special offers on your favorite products. Our
top-3 skincare products include the following:

1) Active Serum — it contains about ten times more biologically active
substances than the most effective creams. The result of its application is
noticeable almost immediately.
2) Day Cream — when choosing a cream, focus on the needs of the skin at the
moment. In the fall a restorative cream is the best option, but it’s worth
switching to an active nourishing cream in winter. There are also
multifunctional products that can solve several problems at once.
3) Eye cream — the eye skin has practically no fat, so it easily swells. Active
facial expressions contribute to the rapid formation of wrinkles. In this piece of
the skin, special care is needed even if there are no visible problems.

Three Items for Cleaning Your Skin

In addition to the caring items, your skin requires individual cleaning products. Your
choice should be based on the recommendations of the dermatologist or should be
chosen per your skin type. Here are top-3 cleaning products to choose from:
1) Mousse/foam — it is very comfortable to wash-up with it in the morning and
evening. This gentle facial cleanser is ideal for thin sensitive and dry skin.
2) Gel — this is more suitable for the combination and oily skin. It perfectly
copes with deep pollution and completely removes excess sebum. As a bonus,
it narrows the pores and provides skin matting.
3) Milk — a great option for those who prefer to wash-up without water. Just
apply some milk on a cotton pad and thoroughly clean your face. Moreover,
this product fights against early wrinkles and skin imperfections.
If you are looking for a multifunctional product pay your attention to the micellar
water. This is an excellent universal product that cleans, removes makeup, and tones
the skin. It’s especially useful when traveling because it can be applied several times a

Basic Set of Decorative Cosmetics for Makeup
The basic set of makeup cosmetics consists of several positions:
1. Makeup base: it is needed for a more lasting result, as well as high-quality
application and distribution of tonal means. The basis can be a cream or active
serum. It is recommended to select a product with SPF protection for
2. Tonal foundation: in summer, the tone should be light and weightless, so BB
and CC tonal creams are ideal. In winter, you shouldn’t be afraid to use denser
textures, which additionally protect the skin from frost and wind.
3. Blush: they may appear in two textures — creamy and dry. Creamy is
convenient to apply with a finger and can also be used on the lips. Dry needs a
4. Powder: this tool is necessary for fixing all the previous cream layers. The
powder can be mineral, transparent, or grinding.
5. Mascara: as practice shows, each girl has her favorite mascara. All stores have
test samples, so before buying it is worth testing on your eyelashes.
6. Lipstick: for daytime makeup, you should pay attention to nude and light
shades. For thin lips, it is better to use glossy lipsticks, but on puffy lips it will
be advantageous to apply a matte one.
7. Eyebrow products: you can create impressive eyebrows with a pencil, eye
shadow, or brow mascara. These products can be both used together or

Now, it is clear what should be purchased for your basic cosmetic kit. Remember to
replace the outdated products on time to avoid damaging your face skin. The skin
should look natural, the eyelashes be fluffy, and the lips be sensual.