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Bear Sighted in Logan Five feet from Window of Home


LOGAN – A woman had a shock when she looked out her window today on Lake Logan Road in Logan Ohio. A young bear just Five feet from her home ran past her window, she said on the facebook post. Luckily her husband was able to grab a few shots of the young bear before he disappeared into the woods around the home.

People on the post claim that they have seen the bear in the area often.

Summer time is when young bears leave momma and find new territory. Ohio Division of Wildlife wants you to be prepared on how to not lure these bears into your area.

“Bears are omnivores, meaning they will eat a wide variety of foods. Depending on the season, their diet may include grasses, forbs, berries, mast from oak, hickory, and beech trees, carrion, and insect larvae. Moving bird feeders higher, removing uneaten pet food, keeping trash inside until pick up day, and cleaning up after grilling all help to deter bears from frequenting an area and becoming nuisances,” said Division of Wildlife.

If you see a bear, you can contact your local Division of Wildlife District Office or report the sighting online – but always leave the bear alone. We rely on reports of black bears and other species to help track population trends. If you observe or receive a report of a species you want us to know about, please report it at wildohio.gov/reportwildlife or call 1-800-WILDLIFE.

What happens if you encounter a Black Bear in the wild?  Black Bears are not a aggressive species of bear and rarely attacked, and won’t usually attack if not cornered.  Best thing to do is to slowly back away from the bear and do not give direct eye contact to the bear.  Always give the bear a route to escape as it most likely will want to escape as soon as possible.  DO NOT RUN, this will provoke a chase, warning the bear you are there in a calm voice is a way to make it run away.  If a bear were to charge put your hands up in the air and make yourself bigger than the bear.  Most Black Bears are around 150 lbs or smaller so adults men/women are usually taller than them.

Young bears are leaving mom and finding new habitats, said Ohio Division of Wildlife,