Home News Baby Copperhead Season in Ohio is September

Baby Copperhead Season in Ohio is September

photo credit: Ira Ayers

OHIO – The start of football season is prime season for baby Copperheads that are leaving the nest and finding new homes of their own.

According to ODNR peak breeding season for the Eastern Copperhead is late August to October and most Copperhead babies are born from late August through mid September. Baby Copperheads are born with the ability to bailey to make venom and bite, it is a rumor and false that baby Copperheads are more lethal than adults, but it is true that they can inject venom and bite from birth.

Momma Copperheads birth around 8-10 babies with each litter of eggs, so if you find one usually that means there are others around. The babies are about 8-10 inches long and have a greenish yellow tail. Babies are mostly looking for dark wet areas like under flower pots, under bushes, around rocks, under dog dishes, and maybe outside kids play toys.

The good thing is these snakes are not prone to bite but will bite if harassed. If you happen to find a nest of Copperheads or a baby contact ODNR, if you are bitten get to the nearest hosptial or call 911. Most bites from Copperheads are not deadly, but are extremely painful and capable of producing a sever illness.