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Ashville Mayor Asks Residents to Dress up for the 4th of July Festival, Gives Suggestions to Fairgoers


Ashville – Ashville Mayor Chuch Wise is asking for residents to dress up their homes and properties for the Ashville Fourth of July festival this week.

Wise said in City Council last night that they have hung flags throughout the village and asks if you have one hang it also and if you need one they may have spares in the office for you.

“We will have people from all over Pickaway County come to our town for the 4th, some from outside the county. Let’s reflect well as a village and be welcoming.”

The mayor also gave advice to people coming into town for the festivities, “please be respectful of others, their property, and our village. Come and enjoy some of the best parking is at the school by the park and the library. We will have two parades and lots of events going on throughout the week. Come and try our local food establishments, enjoy our park, and our people.”

The mayor gave special thanks to the Ashville Community men’s club, “all the money they collect goes back into this village, it’s been a great partnership with the club. So make sure if you attend the festival you buy a fish sandwich from them, you should anyway because they are good, also because you know that money will l go back into our village to create more events and help support.”

Ashville 4th of July events start on Thursday read more about it here: https://www.sciotopost.com/ashville-fourth-of-july-festival-starts-on-thursday/