Home News An Introduction to Ohio Congressional District 2 Republican Primary Candidate Phil Heimlich

An Introduction to Ohio Congressional District 2 Republican Primary Candidate Phil Heimlich

Ohio Congressional District 2 Republican Primary Candidate Phil Heimlich

Chillicothe — A former assistant county prosecutor and councilman from the Cincinnati area with a famous father is running for the Republican primary in Ohio Congressional District 2. Phil Heimlich chatted with Thursday’s lunchtime crowd in the continuing candidate series offered by the Republican Women of Ross County.

Heimlich promotes himself as an “Anti-MAGA” Republican, saying that he will not make personal attacks or call people names, like Donald Trump does. He says we must have a peaceful transfer of power, and that false claims of a stolen election do no protect our democracy. However, Heimlich said he will work with Trump as needed if he is elected.

He says that our opponents are not enemies, and that mobs on both the Left and the Right need to be held accountable and prosecuted, as well as the higher-ups.

Heimlich says he is inspired by a story from World War II, where Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds ended up being responsible for more than a thousand US troops captured by the Germans. When their captors demanded that the Jews among them be identified, Redmonds refused to do so and said “we are all Jews.” The Germans backed down and up to 300 Jews among the troops were not executed.

And if the candidate’s name is familiar, it’s because his doctor father created the “Heimlich Maneuver.” Phil said his dad had to fight the system to promote the first aid technique for choking, and that he is inspired by that to stand up to the establishment.

Hear his own words in the below video interview.

Note: As a responsible news reporter, I welcome and am obliged to cover candidates and issues on all sides!

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