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Amanda has a Town Cat Named Milo That May Have Reached Celebrity Status


AMANDA – If you live in Amanda Ohio you may have had a visit from the local celebrity cat, Milo.

A local woman created a Facebook page for her pet Milo an Orange Maine Coon cat because so many people went to the local Facebook page posting they found a, “lost Cat.” It turns out that Milo is very friendly to everyone and spends his days wandering from house to house visiting people. He is so friendly that if you open the door to him, he will just come inside.

To fix the problem Milos’s owner attached a QR code to his collar and when you scan the tag, it takes you directly to the, “Where’s Milo” page where several people have posted the cat’s adventures. The page says, “Hello! I am Milo – aka the friendly town cat. I have a home with lots of food and snuggles but LOVE to explore! So much so that my mom was convinced to create my own Facebook so everyone can see my adventures. If I am causing a disturbance call my mom here. Otherwise, I will wander back home, I am neutered and vaccinated.”

The page says, “By popular demand, Milo has his own Facebook group Life is too serious sometimes… let’s have fun and laugh about it. This is a fun, drama-free page about the friendly town cat that thinks he runs the town.”

You can check the page out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/163414313223631