Home News Amanda-Cleacreek FFA Spring Skills teams compete in the state contests

Amanda-Cleacreek FFA Spring Skills teams compete in the state contests


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter strives to prepare its members for a
future career in the workforce. The Spring Skills Career Development Events (CDEs) allow
members to get firsthand experience with different aspects of the agricultural industry that offer
potential employment opportunities after graduation.
This year, A-C FFA was involved in four different Spring Skills CDEs: General Livestock,
Meats Evaluation, Nature Interpretation and Wildlife Management.
The General Livestock contest is based on members’ abilities to judge and rank the four main
meat animals: beef cattle, swine, sheep and goats. Participants must also take an online
examination quizzing their knowledge of animal diseases, history, gestation periods, carcass
weight, breeding charts and much more. This year’s team included Braeleigh Blosser, Julia
Cowdrey, Boston Fowler, Ariana Norris and Colton Westhoven. The chapter also extended the
opportunity to participate in this contest to middle school students currently enrolled in Mr.
Sharps 8th grade Ag Classes at Amanda-Clearcreek. Lucas Foster, Demi Lee, Reid Strickler and
Raylee Westhoven all took advantage of this opportunity and have demonstrated their skills and
talent exceptionally well. Demi Lee won the middle school category at the Marysville
Invitational and placed 3rd in the middle school category at the Miami Trace Invitational.
For the Meats Evaluation CDE, the team consisted of Braeleigh Blosser, Catherine Buckley,
Rylyn Foster, Will Francis and Kara Johnson. Members of this contest are required to rank the
carcasses of multiple different meat animals, as well as identify different cuts of meat. Then, the
team was required to take an online examination regarding cookery, storage, meat selection,
nutrition and safety. These students are now better prepared for a career in the meat industry.
Additionally, the Nature Interpretation competition enables students to be able to identify
different mammals, birds, non-woody plants, reptiles and equipment. The students who choose to
compete in this competition also learn how to read nature signs and identify animal calls. This
year’s team included KyAnn Jones, Morgan Smith, Jaycie Spires and Katelynn Workman. The
team placed a very respectable 7th in the state of Ohio this year. Morgan Smith also earned 3rd
place individually in the state contest out of more than 80 competitors!

The final Spring Skills CDE that the A-C FFA Chapter was involved in this year was the
Wildlife Management CDE. This year’s team consisted of Luke Anderson, Calum Duncan,
Travis Spence and Maddix Tipple. The Wildlife Management contest requires a wide range of
identification of different mammals, birds, fish, food and cover plants, amphibians/reptiles and
equipment. Participants of this competition must also display their ability to read topographical
maps, control nuisance animals and determine the age and sex of animals.
All four of these contests required an immense amount of hard work and determination from
these members. These contests open the doors for future career opportunities and expand
students’ range of knowledge and experience. Congratulations to all A-C FFA students who
participated in these Career Development Events!