Home News Adams County Secures $21.6 Million Grant for New Jail Construction

Adams County Secures $21.6 Million Grant for New Jail Construction


COLUMBUS — State Representative Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County) has announced that Adams County will receive a substantial grant of $21,611,312 to facilitate the construction of a new jail, courtesy of the Ohio Jail Safety and Security Program.

The allocated funds will be directed towards various aspects of the construction project, including the expansion of bed capacity within the jail and the provision of additional accommodations tailored for individuals with specialized needs.

“This funding represents a significant milestone for Adams County,” expressed Pizzulli. “It has long been a priority to enhance our jail facilities, and this investment will not only contribute to the well-being of inmates but also ensure a safer working environment for jail staff.”

The grant underscores the state’s commitment to bolstering safety and security measures within correctional facilities across Ohio. With a total allocation of over $178 million distributed to counties for jail construction or renovation, the program aims to modernize infrastructure and improve conditions within the state’s correctional system.

The forthcoming construction project in Adams County is anticipated to address longstanding challenges and enhance the overall functionality of the county’s jail facilities, aligning with broader efforts to promote rehabilitation and public safety initiatives within the community.