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81 year old Jane Fonda was arrested


As she and dozens of protesters for climate change stand on the steps of the U S. Capital Building, Jane Fonda was arrested.

The 81 year old icon announced her intentions before hand, telling The Washington Post that she recently moved to D.C. so that she could be more active on the issue of climate change.

Fonda said that she plans to protest this same way for the next 14 Fridays.

“I’m going to take my body, which is kind of famous and popular right now because of the [Netflix] series [Grace and Frankie] and I’m going to go to D.C. and I’m going to have a rally every Friday,” Fonda said in an interview with The Post.

“It’ll be called ‘Fire Drill Friday.’ And we’re going to engage in civil disobedience and we’re going to get arrested every Friday.”

WTOL quoted her as saying: “We have to be sure that the crisis that is climate change remains front and center like a ticking time bomb. We don’t have very much time, and it’s really urgent.”

Fonda and the other climate activists are demanding that lawmakers take action against what Fonda calls “an existential threat.”

Every Friday the focus will shift ranging from fresh water to Green New Deal and forests.