Home News 60 Mile, 100 MPH Muli-County Chase Ends in Ross County

60 Mile, 100 MPH Muli-County Chase Ends in Ross County


ROSS – On Thursday, December 30th at 4:38 PM Ohio state highway patrol attempted to stop a vehicle and the driver lead them on a 60 mile run losing several departments along the way.

According to a press release from OSP the initial stop was for a vehicle driving 94 miles per hour on SR-35 in the Gallipolis area. When OSP attempted to stop the driver took off. The high-speed chase took them into  State Route 850 when the Trooper lost the suspect, but found him south on 850 but because of citizen traffic concerns, the trooper terminated the chase.

The chase started up in a small town of Rio Grande where local police attempted to stop the BOLO (be on the lookout) vehicle. They chased the vehicle into US Route 35 west into Jackson County where the Sheriff’s office took over the pursuit. Jackson Sheriff reported a speed of over 120 MPH on SR-35 and called ahead to Ross county to spike strip and around the Route 50 exit. When the driver saw that he was caught and possibly going to damage the chevy SUV vehicle he pulled over and gave up.

The driver identified as 23-year-old Dylan Peebles of North Carolina was charged with failure to comply, kidnapping and possession of marijuana.

The kidnapping charge comes in because of the two passengers who told law enforcement that they wanted out and he would not stop and allow them out of the vehicle.