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5 Roulette Tips That Every First Timer Should Know


Roulette is not necessarily the best game out there for winning droves of cash, nor is it always the best game in the casino, however, it is a very popular game, and you can play to your own advantage if you know how. 

There are ways you get better odds at a win, and minimize your losses when you play roulette. 

Many players enjoy roulette as it is pretty easy to understand, and it is simple to play. It is a slow-paced game, so unlike slots your money won’t disappear superfast, but in spite of its slow progression it is still very exciting to play. 

Understanding Roulette 

Roulette is a simple game to play, you place your bets on a board, you can play outside bets or inside bets. Which you play will determine your odds, and potential payout. Inside bets are the harder bets to win, but have a greater payout. 

These include bets such as single numbers, or one corner. Outside bets on the other hand will include reds, blacks, evens, odds, and so on. However, outside bets will have a higher chance of a win, they do have a lower payout too. 

Once you have placed your bets, wait for everyone else to do so and then a ball will enter a spinning wheel covered in numbers that will signify the ones on the board you bet on. Whichever number and color the ball lands in will be the winner. 

Top Tips For Beginners

So, considering the game is so simple, what tips could we possibly have for you to play this game. Well, we have a few. There are plenty of things that you should know as a beginner to the game. 

We will introduce you to 5 of the top tips you should know as a beginner to roulette. 

#1. Play Outside Bets

As we noted, this game is made up of two different types of bet you can place, inside bets or outside bets. While inside bets can be tempting with how much they can offer you at payout, they rarely pay off, and so, as a beginner it is safer to go with outside bets. 

Of course, you do not have to stay with outside bets forever, it is just a good way to get yourself started in the game. 

Outside bets do have higher odds, but they have a lower payout too, but just remember, a little is better than nothing and since your odds are so low with inside bets, the outside bet is the safer bet.  

#2. Play European Roulette 

Whether you play roulette online or in a land-based establishment, it is always better to play European roulette than American roulette. This is thanks to the 0 and 00 you will see on the board and the wheel. These zeros influence the house edge. 

In European roulette there is only the 0 but American roulette has 0 and 00. This means the house edge is increased and your odds are decreased. 

The house edge when you play European roulette is 2.7% (adv) whereas American roulette stands at 5.26%( adv).

#3. Understand The Odds

Knowing your odds does not make you play a better game, however, it can help you understand which bets are better for you. 

For the purpose of this article we will assume you are playing European roulette. 

If you bet even money bets then your odds are 48.6%, column bets are 32.4%, dozens are 32.4%, straight ups are 2.7%, split bets are 5.51%, street bets are 8.11%, corners are 10.81%, double streets are 16.22%. 

If you play American roulette all of these odds are lower, often by 1 or 2%. However, what we also want to show you with this is how you can see which bets are inside and outside. Outside bets will have higher odds, remember.

#4. Know When To Call It Quits

Knowing when to call it a day is a skill in itself. Some of us will feel that we are due a win and keep on playing, but this is not the way to play roulette, or indeed any casino game. 

Remember, you are not owed a win, you are not owed anything just for playing, casino games are meant to be fun, and if it stops being fun and enjoyable, then it is time to call it a day.

#5. Manage Your Money

On that topic, managing your money is important in gambling, full stop. You should put together a bankroll for which you will spend on casino games, and be strict about it. Set yourself limits. 

Setting limits will prevent you from splurging all your bankroll in one go, or going over and ending up taking money out of your living expenses funds. 

Gambling can easily get addictive so managing your bankroll and setting limits for yourself are very important in preventing a gambling addiction and getting yourself into a sticky situation that it is hard to get out of. 

Always set yourself limitations and goals.