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5 Classic Games Remastered for the Digital Generation


Every generation has its favorites when it comes to gaming. For instance, before computers and the internet were introduced, many people attended tournaments on different games and physically interacted with fellow players. But today, with just a few navigations on our devices at home, we can play high-quality video games with players all around the globe.
While some games became obsolete because people have grown tired of them, some also made it to the modern generation as brilliant developers reintroduced them as digital games to the masses. Check out the list of these immortal games and see why many are drawn to them.
Chess originated in India in the 6th century CE. It reached the Middle East and Europe by the 10th century. The game was initially created as a battle simulator. Today, it has become one of the most popular strategy board games loved by many people around the globe.
Two players are needed to play chess. Each player has 16 pieces of six kinds, and the goal is to “checkmate” the king. White always gets the first move, and then the two players take turns in making moves.
Today, chess can be played both online and offline. With the offline version, you will be playing against the computer, and with online chess, you will be interacting with chess players from anywhere in the world.
There is no clear winner between virtual and on-the-board chess. Players have their own preferences. But one thing is clear. With real chess, you can read your opponent’s body language, which can help you decide on your next move. Additionally, you can play for faster pacing online, so the pressure is higher than on-the-board chess.
Scrabble’s original name was Criss Cross. It was created during the Great Depression by an unemployed American architect Alfred Mosher Butts. It was developed as a fun diversion during the historic economic downturn.
Basically, players construct words out of the letter tiles, which they would place on a grid. Each letter has corresponding values (0-10), and players would add all the points accumulated in a word they have composed. A dictionary will be necessary for the game. The player loses his turn if the word composed doesn’t exist in the dictionary.
Like chess, it’s always a matter of preference. Some win more frequently in classic scrabble, and some love playing against the computer. There is also a chance to cheat in online scrabble because there are online anagram solvers that players can refer to.
There is no definite information about the origin of Blackjack. However, this table game is widely believed to be introduced around 1700 at French casinos. Basically, the player’s target in Blackjack is to overthrow the dealer to a hand of 21 without getting busted.
Today, it has become one of the most popular casino games. Players don’t need to visit brick-and-mortar casinos to play the game. They can sign up on an virtual casino website and play blackjack online in the convenience of their homes.
What’s more, the online version features bonuses and VIP rewards which could be much better than the ones offered in traditional casinos. Plus, you can choose tables and Blackjack games day and night because online casinos never sleep.
Jigsaw Puzzles
In 1762, cartographer and map engraver John Spilsbury created the first-ever jigsaw puzzle. He just glued a map to a wood plank and cut around the countries, resembling the puzzle pieces we know today. He would distribute it to children as an aid to the geography class.
Jigsaw puzzles have now evolved from wood pieces into lighter materials like cardboard. There are even 3D versions of jigsaw puzzles which are quite popular today.
Jigsaw puzzles help promote cognitive development in kids. But kids today love doing everything on their tablets. That’s why some developers made a digital format of jigsaw puzzles. With the digital version, you can decide how many puzzle pieces to play with and even zoom in and out of the screen for better visualization. Additionally, you can set up a timer to track your progress.
Lizzie J. Magie first introduced Monopoly in 1904 in the US. It was patented in the same year. Later in 1924, she revised and renewed the patent of the game.
The game needs 2-8 players with tokens each. Each of the players has 1,500 at the start of the game. There should be an assigned banker who will distribute and collect funds and manage the properties. The main goal is to become the wealthiest player through selling, buying, and renting property.
Online monopoly games are satisfying, not until you encounter bugs that would spoil the fun. Moreover, the thrill you will feel when playing with friends around the board differs significantly from playing with virtual players.
Final Thoughts
These classic games could be practical educational tools for new learners today. However, as we resettle our activities from traditional to virtual, we also encourage distant social relationships. While playing in front of the screens is more convenient, we should also take time to interact with the people at home by occasionally playing the classic version of these games.