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3rd Largest Alpaca Farm in Ohio Holding Free Event for National Alpaca Farm Days




Alpaca Farms are popping up all across America. Their fiber is in very high demand, and North America is considered a breeder’s market for the luxurious fiber.  Alpaca fleece usually yields 5-10 pounds per animal per year, is almost completely grease free, and can be spun directly from the animal.  The creatures are gentle, easy, friendly and very intelligent animals.  Ease of care in farming, high profit yarn, friendly and entertaining, Alpaca farming is here to stay.  “Alpacas love the winter here more than the summer. They are free roaming on my farm and in the wintertime they never are in the barn,” said Robin Ridenour, one of the owners of A&R Alpaca Farm.

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A & R Alpaca Farm claims to be the 3rd largest Alpaca Farm in Ohio, with a total of one hundred and sixteen Alpacas, including five baby Alpacas that are only a few days old. Tim and Diane Scott, Mahlon and Courtney Riddick, Mariann Stephen of Indiana and Cheryl Poe all board there alpacas at our farm. Recently, Alexandria Vargo purchased two alpacas from us and is getting her farm ready.  Robin Ridenour told us, “We have lots of mommies having babies now.”  When Scioto Post went on a tour, the section where expecting moms stay was full.


A & R Alpaca Farm and Gift Shop is having an open house event, so come experience Alpacas up close, learn about raising and breeding Alpacas, and tour the shop on September 23-24 from 10:00   5:00 PM. A & R Alpaca Farm and Gift Shop is located at 10981 US Highway 22 Williamsport, Ohio 43164. If you are interested in Alpacas, Like them on Facebook at A & R Alpaca.