Home News After 32 Years Local Chillicothe Business Closes Forever

After 32 Years Local Chillicothe Business Closes Forever


CHILLCIOTHE – A known and loved restaurant is closing forever and retiring.

Bangkok Palace a chinese and thai cuisine restaurant known for its high quality and unique tastes says that the rumor mill is true they are closing and retiring.

The company says that the closing is short lived because due to COVID-19 they were not able to be open during their “soft closing” to say a proper goodbye to their favorite guests.

You’ve heard of a “ soft opening”, well we are having a “ soft closing”. Mark & Pai, Chai & I are grateful for the years we’ve had here in Chillicothe, the friends we’ve made & the children we’ve raised here. ( 8 total!) You’ll still see us here at sporting events with our children & grandchildren, church, shopping & just enjoying life in retirement! Love & Blessing to you all,” Kristina Bair Jaruwannakorn owner said on the restaurants facebook page.

Last days are July 31st so if you haven’t been in a while it may be worth getting to the restaurant one more time before they become history.