Home Crime Casey Pigge Sentenced to 25 Years for Murder of David Johnson

Casey Pigge Sentenced to 25 Years for Murder of David Johnson



Judge Randall Kneece handed down a 25-year verdict to Casey Pigge for a murder charge stemming from a murder involving another prison inmate being transported in a prison transport van.

The incident occurred on February 1st where Mr. Pigge killed his fellow inmate, 61 year-old David L. Johnson by strangulation. The incident took place within Pickaway County during the transport of the prisoners.

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Casey Pigge was originally serving time for the murder of his then-girlfriend, Rhonda Sommers in Chillicothe, which occurred in September 2008. He was charged with murder, and sentenced in November 2009 to 41 years to life for the crime. Casey was ineligible for the death penalty, having been deemed by the court to have too low of an IQ.

This was not the first time that Casey had committed a murder in prison, having also been charged with the murder of 26-year-old Luther Wade. Pigge committed the crime in February 2016 when he picked up a loose cinder block from his Lebanon Correctional Facility cell, striking Luther. Much uproar was created about the case, as guards failed to follow policy regarding physical inspection of the jail cell for damaged cinder blocks, as Casey had done similar damage to the Ross County Jail while under their protection.

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Mr. Pigge had stated to investigators during the Wade case that, if left alone with another inmate, he may kill again. Eerily, he asked Pickaway County Prosecutor Judy Wolford how many people he needed to kill to be deemed a serial killer. As per records, he did not ask such questions during the investigation of the Johnson murder.