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203 OVI Arrests by Five Officers in Pickaway County


PICKAWAY – Five officers were awarded by Safe Communities of Pickaway County, today (November 21, 2018) all from different local agencies in Pickaway County.  What did they have in common?  These five officers shared 203 impaired driving arrests taken off Pickaway County Roads this year.  This does not include all the other troopers, deputies and officers from these departments who work every day to keep impaired drivers off the roads.

Trooper Spencer Large (Ohio State Highway Patrol) 132 OVI arrests this year.

Deputy Britt Ramey (Pickaway Sheriff) 13

Sgt. Matthew Hafey (Circleville Police Department) 3

Officer Zackary Johnson (Ashville Police Department) 7

Officer Ryan Howard (South Bloomfield Police Department) 48

Pickaway County Sheriff Radcliff said, “We work together well here in Pickaway County with each and every agency thats what makes us great here.  We share resources and help each other and that’s how we are successful here.  We all have our role here, its not about who has the biggest numbers just that we all work together to make this community a safer place.”

Officer Herron from Ohio State Highway, “We all get out there to each one of us go out to work and for one reason and thats to keep the community safe.  We hold people accountable for impaired driving because its the right thing to do to keep everyone safe.”

As we head into the Holiday season we ask that everyone make good decisions if you drink don’t drive, and don’t drive impaired for any reason.




  1. Out of all the arrest for OVI in pickaway county how many were actually guilty??? As a lot of ppl that they arrest are Not guilty of impaired driving meaning on drugs. They look at ppl an then if a person looks tired eyes bloodshot an any other facial abnormalities they arrest them. Causing that person to spend thousands of dollars for attorney jail tyme an stress for looking tired or just being sick. Then when urine comes bk showing they were Not impaired they have to dismiss case. Bt Not after its already caused terrible circumstances in that persons life !! So what’s right ? Or wrong?? I Dt believe any law enforcement officer should have that much power by their judgment if a person is impaired by drugs!! N then they r in competition to arrest as many ppl for the year to get an award ?? Really?? Isn’t that just their job ?? That they get a award for doing?? I think the governor of Ohio needs to do something abt the means officers have to arrest ppl just by looking at them ?? So how many were actually prosecuted for those charges?

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